Market Research

We take the customer demand as the starting point, making subdivisions in the industrial field, to provide enterprises with customized research plans and market reports featuring with both global vision and local features.

Market Research

Product and Market Research

The main purpose of product and market research is to fully understand the target market of the product to guide the market layout for the next step.
Research contents include:
1. market size and trends
2. market competition
3. mainstream vendors in the market
4. business models in the market

Upstream and Downstream Industry and User Research

Based on our accumulated researches in the field of industry for many years, we mainly carry out in-depth research from the following aspects:
1. market environment analysis
2. industry chain analysis
3. market supply and demand analysis
4. product import & export analysis
5. market competition analysis

Target Company Analysis

1. aim your competitors
2. organizational structure
3. performance and subdivisions
4. price management system
5. service and logistics system
6. training system
7. salary system
8. channel management and strategy analysis

Channel Researh

Research contents include:
1. organizational structure
2. performance
3. product portfolio
4. business model
5. channel policy
6. price policy